I was arrested for a DUI. How will my future be impacted?

A DUI conviction can be life-altering. As it is a criminal offence under every law, you will face DUI charges and penalties like a permanent criminal record, suspension of driving license, hefty fines, paying higher insurance coverage, or losing insurance coverage in some cases, jail time, probation, etc. The after-effects of a first-time DUI conviction can also haunt you for a long time. Charged with a DUI will affect not only your current job but also future job prospects. Therefore, you must hire a DUI attorney if you are arrested for a DUI

A DUI arrest will impact your future in the following ways:-

A part of your background check: A DUI arrest becomes a part of your record. So, the DUI offence will show up when a potential employer performs a background check before hiring you. A misdemeanour or an aggressive act can cost you a lot, and you may lose out on a good job opportunity. It can turn your career upside down. A negative background check will also affect your to get financial aid for your college or children’s education.

Increases insurance rates: A DUI conviction adversely affects your auto insurance rates. The insurance company marks you as a high-risk driver and might ask you to pay hefty insurance coverage for several years. In some serious cases, the insurance company might terminate the coverage.

Suspended license: A DUI conviction can lead to suspension of your driving license. If you drive for a living, this will get you fired from your current employment. It will also reduce your chances of getting new employment. Suspension of the license can also affect your ability to commute from one place to another. 

Difficult to get admission to a good college: If you are arrested for DUI, getting acceptance from top universities and colleges might be difficult. You might get denied a scholarship, financial aid etc.  

End Note

DUI conviction has long-term consequences. Therefore, when under any influence of alcohol or drugs, it is better to avoid getting behind the wheel. If convicted under DUI, take the legal help of an attorney who will help lower your conviction or even get your charges dismissed completely. Taking legal help will save you from severe consequences that otherwise would have impacted your life. 

Saxton Kaleb
the authorSaxton Kaleb