Role of an Employment Attorney In Case of a Wrongful Termination in Phoenix

Employees are not always treated fairly, even if the federal and state law advocates for a rightful treatment. Many employees hesitate to speak with an employment attorney in fear of losing their job permanently.

Though Arizona and its cities, including Phoenix, have an at-will clause, if the termination violates the Arizona Civil Rights Act and the Federal Civil Rights Act, it means it is a wrongful termination.

If you think you were fired wrongfully, it can be a blow in your face. But without sitting back dejected, you can reach out to an employment attorney Phoenix to help you file and win the case.

Here is how employment attorneys can assist you with a case of wrongful termination:

To Help Find If Your Firing Was Illegal

There are many ways to tell if you were illegally fired or terminated. You will need the help of an employment attorney in Phoenix to figure it out. The lawyer can review the facts and find out whether you have any potential legal claims. If yes, then the lawyer can assist you in taking steps to assert your rights.

The attorney can help you negotiate for a severance package, file administrative charges, demand a settlement or file a lawsuit against your employer. Only when you talk to an employment attorney, you will know which option is better to go with.

If you Were Fired Based on Discrimination

According to Arizona law, it is illegal for your employer to fire you based on protected characteristics. They cannot fire anyone based on their color, race, sex, religion, age, pregnancy, disability and more. It is applicable for all cities in Arizona, including Phoenix.

If you think you were fired based on discrimination, you can reach out for assistance from a local employment attorney in Phoenix. They will guide you on how to file discrimination charges against the employer. You can file a charge with the Arizona Civil Rights Division, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

After this, you have to file a lawsuit against your employer within 90 days. An employment attorney in Phoenix will take you through the procedure without missing the deadlines.

Breached Employment Contract

Suppose you had signed an employment contract promising your job security then you are not an at-will employee. In Phoenix, Arizona, the contract can be oral, written or implied. So if you possess an employment contract and your employee fires or terminates you without any reasonable cause, then you will have a legal claim for breach of contract.

Only an employment attorney with good knowledge and experience of the Arizona law system can help you in this case. They can work with you to review the employment contract and assess if the stated reason for termination is in the contract.

Fired Because Of Performance Problems

If the reason for your termination is stated as performance problems, only an employment attorney will be able to decipher the truth. They will help you perform a thorough investigation to learn whether any other employees were terminated for the same reason.

The attorney will also help gather evidence if there is any, suggesting that the employer treated you differently based on discrimination. They can then use it to prove the reason for termination as false.

In any case, if you think you were fired illegally, then you should talk to a Phoenix Employment Attorney as soon as possible to help you proceed with the case and sort out your claims.

Saxton Kaleb
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