What Is A Road Accident?

A road accident, more commonly known as a traffic accident, involves a land motor vehicle and occurs on the road open to public traffic. Even if you were on a bicycle, scooter, or simple pedestrian and another motorized land vehicle is involved, it is a public road accident.

What Are My Rights As A Victim Of A Traffic Accident?

You have the right to obtain Compensation for all your material and bodily damages.

Why Do I Need Help From My Insurer?

The law governs Compensation for road accidents. When the author responsible for the road accident is insured, his insurer will cover the damage suffered by the victim; in the event of serious bodily injury, the insurance organization will organize an amicable appraisal. When the author responsible for the road accident is not insured or cannot be identified, the FGAO (Guarantee Fund for Compulsory Damage Insurance) can compensate the victim under certain conditions. Amicable expertise can also be organized. Amicable compensation procedures with insurers are cumbersome and complex for the victims, who can sometimes be harmed when a lawyer does not advise them.

What Insurance Contracts Protect Me And What Parts Should I Collect?

If you were a land motor vehicle driver, your car insurance contract would allow you to implement Compensation for your damages. If you were on a bicycle, scooter, or pedestrian, the insurer of the responsible vehicle must compensate you; a life accident guarantee insurance contract can also cover you.

Why Does The Medical Adviser Have A Decisive Role? How To Choose It?

Stracci Law Group always recommends being assisted by a medical advisor to assist the victim in expert meetings. He will ensure the correct assessment of the damage by the Expert and anticipate any difficulty with the immutability of the injuries suffered in connection with the accident. It is a real work of collaboration with the Lawyer.

Does My Insurer Negotiable offer the Compensation?

The Compensation offered by the insurer is always negotiable, and all the more so if it is lower than the scales usually practiced. The Lawyer such as indiana car accident attorney is a key player in negotiating Compensation for the victim.

Why Take Legal Action If Negotiations Fail?

Do not hesitate to take legal action if negotiations with the insurer fail. Jurisdictions tend to be more generous with Compensation than insurance companies. Lawyers’ motto is never to sell off their clients’ damages and prefers to take legal action even if this may delay Compensation. In all cases, the Firm will make every effort to obtain advances on your final Compensation.

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